Tree & Shrub Care Maintenance, Spraying, Fertilization, Disease Prevention


What We Do

A Fully Trained, Licensed Specialist Will Customize a Treatment to Your Tree & Shrub Needs!

Emerald Lawns provides a wide range of tree and shrub care services to the people in and around the Boise area. We can recommend a treatment plan and services to keep pests and insects away while keeping your trees and shrubs looking healthy, green, and growing!

Tree & Shrub Care Services

We provide a large variety of lawn care, tree maintenance, shrub maintenance, pest control services and insect prevention services. Our tree and shrub services include:

Tree Spraying

Emerald Lawn, Tree & Pest offers tree spraying services to keep trees healthy and pest-free. The company uses safe and effective products to treat and prevent insects and diseases that can harm trees.

Tree Fertilization

We provide spring fertilizing, the ideal time for feeding as trees come out of dormancy. Fertilizers provide essential nutrients and promote growth and foliage and overall plant vigor. Regular fertilization is necessary to maintain healthy trees.

Deep Root Feeding

The most crucial application of the year, our deep root feeding provides the necessary nutrients to enhance the root system development, enabling the tree or shrub to absorb nutrients more effectively and become more resilient to environmental changes.

Disease Prevention

Our Tree Disease Prevention Treatment includes a combination of strategies that are effective in keeping your trees healthy and preventing diseases from spreading. We use eco-friendly products that are not harmful to the environment or people.

Systemic Injections

Systemic injections are a process in which nutrient or insecticide solutions are delivered directly into the tree's vascular system, providing season-long protection and nutritional support. Systemic injections have been proven to be effective in managing a wide range of insect and disease problems in trees, including emerald ash borer, oak wilt, and bark beetles.

Fungal Treatments

One of the most common types of fungal infections in trees is powdery mildew, which can cause plant damage and reduce crop yields. These treatments can be used to eliminate and prevent powdery mildew infections in trees, reducing the risk of damage.

Dormant Oil

Dormant oil is a type of insecticide that is applied during the winter months when trees and plants are dormant. This treatment is safe for both plants and beneficial insects, but it effectively controls populations of problematic insects such as scale insects, mites, and aphids.

Insect Prevention

Insect prevention is a key aspect in maintaining healthy and thriving trees and shrubs. Various insects such as aphids, spider mites, and caterpillars can damage these plants by feeding on their leaves and stems. With proper care and attention to insect prevention, trees and shrubs can thrive and provide numerous benefits such as improving air quality and enhancing property values.

Curative Insect Control

Curative insect control is the process of dealing with insect infestations after they have already set in to prevent further damage to your trees, and shrubs. By using a curative insect control method, you can prevent the spread of pests and minimize damage to your landscape.

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