Tree & Shrub Care In Boise Idaho

Here at Emerald Lawns we provide a wide range of tree and shrub care services to the people in and around the Boise area. We can recommend a treatment plan and services to keep away pests and insects while keeping your trees and shrubs looking healthy, green, and growing! Call today to schedule a consultation.

Services and maintenance:

  • Tree spraying
  • Fertilization – spring feeding can help keep your flowering trees healthy all summer long
  • Deep root feeding – provides essential nutrients for trees and shrubs
  • Disease prevention – helps keep your trees and shrubs healthy
  • Systemic injections – delivers nutrients or insecticide directly inside your tree, for immediate and lasting results
  • Seasonal pruning and small tree removal – We offer spring and fall tree pruning, tree trimming, and small tree removal

To protect your trees and shrubs from insect infestation:

  • Dormant oil – a safe and effective treatment to control insect populations
  • Insect prevention – controls insects throughout the plant’s growing season
  • Curative insect control – keeps insects from ruining the beauty of your lawn, trees, and shrubs

Contact Emerald Lawns, Inc. in Boise Idaho today at 208-322-4700