Lawn Treatment Service in Boise, Idaho

Emerald Lawns has been helping Idaho residents keep their lawns healthy and green for many years. Through proper maintenance and strategic methods, Emerald Lawns has earned a reputation for incomparable lawn treatment service and tree and shrub care.

Lawn Treatment

As part of our lawn care services, we offer lawn treatment service to enhance the quality and lifespan of your lawn, trees, and shrubs.

    • Dormant oil — a safe and effective treatment to control insect populations
    • Fertilization -spring feeding can help keep your flowering plants healthy all summer long
    • Insect prevention -controls insects throughout the plant’s growing season

Through a process of nourishing fertilizing, disease prevention, and insect repellents we keep your lawn looking radiant all year long.

Trees and Shrubs

Unlike grass, trees and shrubs require proper maintenance and special care to flourish. Our tree care service includes a nourishing fertilizer, disease prevention, and a treatment plan to keep away pests and insects. Let us keep your trees and shrubs looking healthy, green, and growing!

    • Tree spraying
    • Fertilization – spring feeding can help keep your flowering trees healthy all summer long
    • Deep root feeding – provides essential nutrients for trees and shrubs
    • Core aeration – cuts a series of small holes throughout your yard to make watering more efficient, to allow your lawn to “breathe,” and to make it easy for fertilizer to reach the root system
    • Disease prevention – helps keep your trees and shrubs healthy
    • Systemic injections – delivers nutrients or insecticide directly inside your tree, for immediate and lasting results

For flowering trees, plants and shrubs there’s no better choice than Emerald Lawns

Contact Emerald Lawns, Inc. in Boise Idaho today at 208-322-4700 or schedule a consultation. Ask us about our comprehensive pest control services!