Here at Emerald Lawns we provide a wide range of lawn care and lawn care services to the people in and round the Boise area. We can recommend a treatment plan and services to keep away pests and insects to have your lawn looking healthy, green, and growing! Call today to schedule a consultation.


  • Tree spraying
  • Lawn fertilizing –Fertilizing on a regular schedule leaves your lawn lush and luxurious.
  • Weed control – Prevents ugly weeds from gaining ground in your yard.
  • Curative insect control – keeps insects from ruining the beauty of your lawn
  • Core aeration – cuts a series of small holes throughout your yard to make watering more efficient, to allow your lawn to “breathe,” and to make it easy for fertilizer to reach the root system

To protect your lawn from pests and insects:

  • Dormant oil – a safe and effective treatment to control insect populations
  • Fertilization – spring feeding can help keep your flowering plants healthy all summer long Deep root feeding – provides essential nutrients for trees and shrubs
  • Insect prevention – controls insects throughout the plant’s growing season
  • Disease prevention – helps keep your trees and shrubs healthy
  • Systemic injections – delivers nutrients or insecticide directly inside your tree, for immediate and lasting results
  • Spider barrier – repels spiders from entering your home

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